Accessing the Biennial App

Method 1: Use the Links from the Email Invitation You Received

Find the email you received from Crowd Compass and download AttendeeHub app.

  • In the email, find the first button that says Download the App

  • Click Download the App to be taken to the App Store/Google Play Store page for CrowdCompass AttendeeHub.

  • Click Download and wait for the AttendeeHub app to install on your device.

  • If you don't have a smart phone or you're using a Blackberry or Windows phone, skip these steps. Instead, you'll need to use the web version of the app. The web version has all the same functionality.

Verify your Account

  • Once the app has finished installing, open your invitation email again.

  • Click the Verify Account button. This will bring you back to the Attendee Hub app.

  • Click on Open App to complete the verification. The link should log you in so you are ready to use the app.

Method 2: Get the App from the App Store You Use 

Go to the right store, either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and find 'AttendeeHub' 

  • Search for CrowdCompass AttendeeHub. Once you've found the app, tap either Download or Install. Or if you are already on the device you will bring to Biennial, use this link:

  • After installing, a new icon will appear on the home screen of your phone that says AttendeeHub.

Find the URJ Biennial 2019 event in the AttendeeHub

  • Once downloaded, open the AttendeeHub app.

  • Search the name of your event (URJ Biennial 2019) and then tap to open it.

  • Login with your name, and follow the instructions to enter a verification code sent to your email address (the same address you used to register for Biennial) to start using the app.

Method 3: Go to the Web Version of the App (no download needed and has all the same functionality)

Via email

  • Open your invitation email.

  • Access your invitation on the device that you plan to bring to the event.

  • Tap Verify Account.

  • DO NOT CLICK ‘OPEN APP’ button. Instead, click mobile web browser to complete the verification via the Online Event Guide.

OR go directly to the website version of the app

  • Access the web version of the event’s app using this URL

  • Tap the hamburger icon in the top left, Log in, then Log In once again from the dropdown.  

  • Enter your first and last name where prompted, then tap Next.

  • Enter an email address you have access to, then tap Next one more time. (Crowd Compass will send you a verification email once every 24 hours that you access the site.)

  • Access your verification email. You’ll see it includes your four-digit verification code.

  • Return to the log in page and enter the verification code, then tap Verify to log in to the web version of the app.

listing in AH.png
webscreenshotof app.png